Five Ways to Boost Your Tennis Skills
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Five Ways to Boost Your Tennis Skills

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Whether you consider tennis a pleasure sport — a social activity enjoyed with friends on a sunny afternoon — or you’re highly competitive — and view the game as a personal challenge — improving your skills is a worthy endeavor.

To help you reach your goals, here are five simple tips that will bring your tennis game to a whole new level.

Of course, practice is at the top of the list. But here is a way to make that practice more fruitful. Challenge your skill-set by playing against someone better than yourself. If you have a competitive nature, you’ll find you’ll improve far faster than if you feel unchallenged and can easily obtain winning status

Consider Hiring a Trainer
No matter how advanced your game, you can always benefit from training. Even professionals use trainers to bring out the best in their abilities and to point out, and diminish, areas needing improvement. Ask fellow players for trainer recommendations, and don’t give up until you find the perfect fit.

Have a Friend Make a Video
There’s a reason weightlifters workout in front of a mirror. Ditto for ballerinas during practice. We often see our bad form long before we feel it. By watching yourself play on video, you’ll quickly spot your best moves, as well as notice, and correct, those that need improvement.

Stay Hydrated and Include Nutritious Snacks
Professional tennis players are often seen drinking water, or sipping a sports drink, during changeovers. You’ll even see them snack on a nutritious treat. So, to play at your optimum level, be sure to stay hydrated and keep up your energy with healthy snacks.

Develop Your Endurance

Don't wait for court time to break a healthy sweat. To stay in shape, and build both strength and stamina, take on a variety of aerobic and strength building activities during the week. By doing so, you’ll be ready for an intense game of tennis long before you show up on the court with racket in hand.

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Maintain a Winning Attitude
Attitude is huge! Entering a game in a positive mental state does more than give you a psychological advantage over your opponent. It allows you to thoroughly enjoy the game, regardless of the outcome. And when you miss a shot, don’t become discouraged, or worse yet, angry — which can quickly send your game into a downward spiral. Instead, stay focused on your well-developed abilities and, most of all, your love of the sport.

Optimal comfort — while on the court — is essential. Of course, working up a sweat is part of a well-played game. But why not incorporate every advantage into your set?

Iceƒil is a patented technology that when added to lightweight, soft, tennis fabrics, will keep your body 5 degrees cooler — even during the most intense game.

So, to look and feel great on, and off, the court, check out the IBKÜL clothing line — where you'll discover fashion, comfort, and a cool winning edge.

Game, set, match!

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