Running at Home without a Treadmill
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Running at Home without a Treadmill

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Are you ready to take on a healthy run, but the weather’s just not cooperating? Is it hotter than you can handle, or pouring rain outside?

Are the neighborhood dogs determined to chase you, no matter how hard you try to sneak quietly past them?

Well, if you want to run at home, but don’t have a treadmill, here are just a few tips to help you accomplish your goal.

Don’t Forget the Warmup and Stretches

Just because you haven’t taken to the great outdoors doesn’t mean you should ignore an essential warmup.

Try warming up for at least 10 minutes before a run. Why? Warmups raise the temperature of muscles, which will allow you additional flexibility. Warmups will also increase your heart rate before you officially take off.

In addition: As we age, and muscle elasticity decreases, preventing injury is particularly crucial. So, beyond a 10 minute aerobic pre-run session, also consider including some basic stretches to help prevent unwanted injuries.

Running in Place

While the scenery won’t change, like with an outdoor run, running in place can still offer you a substantial workout.

However, just because you’re staying at home, don't give-in to the temptation to succumb to weak strides. Instead, be sure to engage your arms and lift your legs and knees, as if the great outdoors is right before you.

If you’re bored by the monotony of an indoor locale, and music keeps you motivated, put on your favorite song selection before you begin your run.

Engage Your Arms and Knees More than Usual

While running in place, mix it up a little by raising your knees, and swinging your arms in a slightly exaggerated style.

This will help break-up the monotony of an at home run, help you burn additional calories, improve your aerobic workout, and even increase your ab engagement.

Rocky Time

Consider the iconic film scene where Rocky Balboa works out by running the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

If you have a straight set of stairs inside, or outside, your home, why not go for it?  Stair challenges are an easy, and fun, way to give your heart a brisk workout, while building extra strength and endurance.

Embrace Your Backyard

Is the weather fine, but you’re still homebound?

Why not take advantage of your backyard with laps, or with back and forth, fence to fence, running sessions?

Keep your results positive by remaining uniform with your usual speed and posture. Make sure your head is up, your back is straight, and your shoulders are even.

Being consistent with your running style, while in your living room, or in your private backyard, will keep you fit until you’re back out on the open trail.

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