IBKÜL's Commitment to Wearable Wellness
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IBKÜL's Commitment to Wearable Wellness

Our unique IceFil fabric finish cools you down by 5 degrees of wearable relief.

Our unique Iceƒil fabric finish cools you down up to 5 degrees of wearable relief.

With the countless anti-aging creams and serums on the market, it’s no secret that many of us strive to keep our skin glowing and luminous throughout the years. As our skin ages, our collagen production decreases, leading to duller skin that’s more susceptible to photoaging. It’s essential to develop morning and nighttime routines to ensure that your skin can combat air pollutants and environmental stresses imposed on your epidermis, aka, the very first layer of skin—responsible for your skin’s overall pigmentation and immune system.

Many dermatologists recommend incorporating antioxidants, and retinol creams into your daily regimen, as Dr. Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology and resident MD of Vibrant Dermatology in Dedham, Massachusetts explains, “Any dermatologist will tell you that a topical retinoid is an essential part of any anti-aging routine. Retinoids, which dermatologists use primarily for acne, also have potent anti-aging benefits, including the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.

Despite the countless resources detailing the importance of sunscreen, many people still brave the sun unprotected. The National Center of Biotechnology Information produced a study showcasing how photodamaged skin significantly produces lower levels of collagen production, leading to weakened immune systems. Although it’s important to mitigate sun damage through the use of preventative SPF 50+ skin creams and lotions, we also recommend incorporating wearable sunscreen and collagen-infused clothing into your daily regimens.

As innovative fabric textiles are introduced into the mainstream market, consumers have more access to preventative, wearable activewear, helping to promote skin health and optimal UVA and UVB ray protection. At IBKÜL, we proudly offer fabric textiles that actively combat sun damage, incorporating thermo-regulating technology to reduce your body temperature up to 5 degrees of wearable relief. Our select styles feature wearable sunscreen offering up to UPF 50+ sun protection, in addition to our unique fabric technology, IceFil cools you down by 5 degrees for long-wearing comfort!, a cooling textile that converts your perspiration to refrigerant for long-wearing comfort in hot and humid temperatures.

Our UMORFIL fabric is a recent addition to our technologically enhanced athleisure, featuring marine-infused wearable collagen. UMORFIL is an excellent style for athletes and loungewear enthusiasts alike who struggle with heat rashes, eczema, and dermatitis. With optimal breathability, our UMORFIL fabric promotes hydration by locking in the skin’s moisture barrier. At IBKÜL, we are passionate about the future of wearable technology and textiles that actively enhance your comfort by combating environmental allergens.

Our IBKareFUL top features a built-in neck gaiter to protect you from the sun and airborne allergens.

Our IBKareFUL top features a built-in neck gaiter to protect you from the sun and airborne allergens.

As we continue to explore unique textiles around the world, we’ve been able to share our brand’s journey with health advocates working to educate and dismantle stereotypes associated with autoimmune diseases. Our team recently spoke with Britt Clark, the creator and mind behind LupusLyfe, a blog dedicated to documenting Clark’s diagnosis and journey with Lupus, and her battle with flare-ups associated with sun exposure. Lupus is defined as a systemic autoimmune disease that triggers one’s immune system to attack central organs and tissues throughout the body. Through Clark’s brave and vulnerable testimonies, she’s created a space where her self-proclaimed Lupus Warriors can express their battles with lupus and, along the way, celebrate the brands and products that have helped to mitigate their symptoms. Through her blog and socials, Clark advocates for those affected by symptoms associated with lupus, creating a community forged in optimism and self-fortitude.

We were fortunate enough to speak with Clark about her experience using wearable sunscreen and new up-and-coming fabric technologies to combat sun-related flare-ups. As Clark noted, “I was diagnosed with lupus in 2016, but I think that I had it for a few years before I was actually finally diagnosed with it. I had actually gone to one of my son's baseball games, and it was a tournament all week. I had no idea, at that time, that the sun—I was sensitive to it. I stayed out there all weekend, and it caused a pretty bad flare-up for me. And I ended up going back to my dermatologist, and that's kind of when all my labs really went crazy, and they were able to kind of pinpoint what it was.”

Clark’s journey resonates with many Lupus advocates, as most people are often misdiagnosed throughout their Lupus journey. In 2017, the Lupus Foundation of America reported a shocking 46.5% of 3,000 adults with Lupus reported early on misdiagnosis at the start of their Lupus diagnosis (Daly R, Partovi R, Davidson P. Lupus Diagnosis: Process and Patient Experience, 2017; 69).

The most common symptoms of lupus are often reported bouts of fatigue, chronic pain, hair loss, and inflammation—most notably present in the joints and skin. Clark spoke candidly about her most immediate symptoms, noting her constant battle with the sun:

“[There are] a lot of known triggers that cause lupus flares, but for me personally, the sun is the number one thing… and stress. I really do try hard to wear SPF sunscreen daily. So when it's summer [and] we want to go somewhere as a family that's hot and tropical, you know, usually something like the beach—For me, that's been probably the hardest [thing]…having to accept that I can't just go out and have fun, or vacation, or live my life like I [have] previously, because I do have to think about sun protection".

Britt Clark wears our UMORFIL top promoting optimal breathability and cooling relief.

Britt Clark wears our UMORFIL top promoting optimal breathability and cooling relief.

As many of us have delayed our summer vacations this year, it’s a sentiment that many Lupus advocates address—the reality that their daily lives must incorporate preventative measures to mitigate their symptoms. As Clark points out, “I started my blog because a lot of people with lupus—not every[one] has the same symptoms. [We don’t all] deal with it in the same way. And to me it was really hard to, you know, read everything that says it shouldn't be this way or that way—and to me, it was kind of lonely and confusing to feel like I was basically the only person in the world that was experiencing whatever symptom I was looking at researching.”

Upon research, Clark eventually created a Facebook group with other lupus advocates, helping to moderate discourse centered around the emotional and physical journey of living with an autoimmune disease. She found that many lupus patients noted the sun as a flare-up, often sharing products—creams, lotions, and wearable sunscreen brands—that helped lessen their overall symptoms. To Clark, her biggest priority is educating her community and helping those who feel like they’re fighting a losing battle expressing, “My biggest thing is advocacy and advocating for your own health. It took me a few years to get diagnosed, and unfortunately, that's pretty common with most people. It could take up to six years for them to get a diagnosis. And I think that just for so long, when you're kind of stuck in that limbo position, you’re kind of like, ‘Well maybe there isn't anything wrong with me or maybe I'm somehow just imagining…’”

As she looks ahead for the coming year, Clark plans to extend her advocacy through community-based fundraising saying, “I've wanted to do lupus walks and [plan] more fundraising and meetings.” Her dedication to community outreach has made LupusLyfe an inspiring destination for creatives and advocates alike, forging a space for support and open discourse.

Likewise, at IBKÜL, we’re looking to the future of textile and fabric technologies that can help to mitigate some of the symptoms of lupus and skin-related ailments like eczema and dermatitis, creating innovative fabric technologies that promote breathability and long-wearing ventilation. The future has more to come, but at the moment, we are proud to share a part in Clark’s creative journey.

To read more about Clark’s journey, visit LupusLyfe, and follow her on Instagram for weekly fashion inspiration! And if you’re curious about IBKÜL’s unique fabric technologies, explore our athleisure at IBKÜL.com for all your activewear needs this summer and fall.

Shop our unique athleisure and performance wear featuring UPF 50+ sun protection and thermoregulating technology.

Shop our unique athleisure and performance wear featuring UPF 50+ sun protection and thermo-regulating technology.

Our garments are uniquely designed to combat sun exposure, heat rashes, and excessive moisture production. Our variety of fabric finishes include thermo-regulating technology to reduce discomfort from environmental allergens and extended sun exposure, creating a protective barrier for your skin.

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