Restring This Spring
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Restring This Spring

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As many gyms and exercise studios closed during the pandemic, tennis almost doubled in popularity. It’s a great form of socially distanced exercise that still provides the fun and personal contact we have all been missing.

And with spring weather, more courts are starting to open. This is a great time to bring out your UV tennis clothing and give your racket a new set of strings. Just like IBKÜL’s new spring styles will rejuvenate your look, while still giving you our signature performance and sun protection, a new set of strings can be a game-changer.  Here are a few reasons why you should restring your racket in spring.

New Season

Your UV tennis clothing—including your racket--deserve a fresh start for the spring season. A new set of strings always gives a strong, resilient feel to any racket.  Although strings break for many reasons: a cracked frame, a weak spot, or a loose head guard, breaking a string is not the only time you should restring.

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Over time, your strings loosen. A racket with strings three months old can lose up to 40% of its original tension. There are lots of opinions on what tension and strings you should use, but the important thing is, the right stringing can make you a better player.  Find out what works well with your game. Higher tension can give you more control while lower tension produces more power. 


You should plan to restring the same number of times a year as you play in a week, or at least every four to six months. This will keep your tension as consistent as possible, and you’ll enjoy playing more. If you play on a regular basis, you’ll want to have a racket that performs at its best level. And to perform at your best level, IBKÜL has a new spring selection of prints and styles for your tennis outfits. 


Many times, new strings are just as good as a new racket. A new set of strings costs less and can revitalize your favorite racket. A new racket can easily cost more than $200.00 compared to new strings costing an average of $30 - $50!

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It’s easy to look at your racket after a while and think it’s fine because the strings are not broken, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need to be replaced. Any time you use your racket the tension changes; the strings become loose and affect the racket and most importantly, your performance. You can preserve its lifespan by cleaning it after each use, making sure to get rid of any dirt on the strings. Clay courts can be tougher on strings as tiny bits of clay get between them and act like sandpaper, wearing them out faster.

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Now that you have your racket all set, it’s time to make sure your style and comfort game is on point.  IBKÜL’s collection of active wear wins every time on or off the court! We’ve got you covered with our patented IBKUL IceFil Technology technology that keeps you five degrees cooler and UPF 50 that protects you from the sun’s harmful rays. Our moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and odor-free so you can focus on your performance, not your perspiration. Now get out there and take on the spring with new strings and styles from IBKÜL!

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