IBKÜL and CAMBA Join Forces
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IBKÜL and CAMBA Join Forces

2020 has proven to be a challenging year for all, but in the hardest of times, we’ve collectively seen acts of communal charity and generosity. Throughout the States, communities have aligned to address urgent care in communities hit hardest by Covid-19. IBKÜL is proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with CAMBA, a non-profit NYC-based organization responsible for helping the lives of over 65,000 New York residents. Through an interactive Pop Up Care Shop, CAMBA will provide clothing and essential goods to women and men in need, creating donation charity drives to help assist communities temporarily displaced by unemployment and financial instability. With programs focused on housing stability, economic, educational/youth development, and family services, CAMBA is dedicated to the safety and well-being of residents throughout the New York City Metropolitan Area.

From 1977 onward, CAMBA has advocated for the rights of low-income families, immigrants, and refugees, helping to provide housing and economic stability throughout New York City. From New York to Florida, Texas, and California, communities are actively joining forces to alleviate the economic disparities faced in low-income neighborhoods, gathering resources to help those in need during this unprecedented time.

With the help of CAMBA, we’ve donated a total of 10,000 disposable facemasks to the following shelters:

Park Slope Women’s Shelter:

CAMBA Park Slope Women’s Shelter, 1402 8th Avenue (Photo: Pamela Wong/BKLYNER)CAMBA Park Slope Women’s Shelter, 1402 8th Avenue (Photo: Pamela Wong/BKLYNER)

Backed by CAMBA, the Park Slope Women’s Shelter houses over 100 beds for homeless women. Providing temporary housing and compressive services, like medical treatment and nutritional meals, the shelter is a space of comfort and safety for women in need. Medical and psychiatric services are provided onsite, and 24/7 security is present to ensure that all families and individuals are met with proper care and housing resources.

Total Masks Donated: 1,000

Opportunity House Men’s Shelter:

Theodore Parisienne, New York Daily News

Theodore Parisienne, New York Daily News (2018)

Located in Downtown Brooklyn, this emergency shelter houses 62 beds in a safe, drug-free environment focused on providing individuals with referral processes for career opportunities. Residents are encouraged to use the vast resources available for employability skills: interviewing, resume building, teamwork and collaboration skills, etc.. Nutritional meals and 24/7 security are present for all residents.

Total Masks Donated: 1,000

Broadway House Women’s Shelter:

The Broadway House Women’s Shelter enables women to find comprehensive care and support in times of need. Residents are provided resources to secure future permanent housing and economic stability.

Total Masks Donated: 3,000

Atlantic Men’s Shelter:

Located in Brownsville, Brooklyn, the Atlantic Men’s Shelter is a 200-bed shelter offering comprehensive programs in job readiness, providing all residents with online resources for case management and employability skills. Medical services and psychiatric care are available upon request, along with 24/7 security. Residents are referred to the DHS Assessment Unit in cases of urgent psychiatric care and drug detox.

Total Masks Donated: 3,000

CAMBA Broadway House Women’s Shelter:

CAMBA Gardens I & II (csh.org)
CAMBA Gardens I & II (csh.org)

CAMBA’s Broadway Shelter serves over 165 women in the New York City Area. Case managers are encouraged to place permanent housing for residents through job training and social services. Residents are provided resources to create economic living plans, aligning the appropriate communal services needed: i.e. psychiatric evaluations, and job readiness programs. CAMBA has worked with over 65,000 NYC residents, helping to improve the conditions of low-income families and individuals currently experiencing economic displacement.

Total Masks Donated: 2,000

We encourage our community to support these organizations and beyond, as we adjust to the statewide changes brought on by Covid-19. Together, we are building up our communities, and the smallest of contributions have the power to uplift local organizations. For more information regarding CAMBA’s contributions over the years, please visit camba.org.

As we continue to collectively mitigate the spread COVID-19, we ask that our community abide by social distancing regulations and respect communal spaces and businesses by wearing disposable, fabric, and KN-95 masks. Protect yourself and your community through the use of preventative masks or bandannas. We can confidently face the future, together, one mask at a time.

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